I was in Amarillo, on the same weekend I was supposed to go with Oscar Hill to some kind of concert in Carthage, Texas.
I was visiting the twins, Ronny and Randy Nall, when I realized this. Amarillo is roughly 375 miles from Carthage. I told the boys, right after I arrived that I was gonna have to leave already, they were not happy about it, but they understood. I said goodbye t them, and the girl that I stay with when I go to Amarillo, Cassie Lax. The boys said they would ride with me to the edge of town. We all loaded up in my truck and headed toward Carthage.
Somehow we got sidetracked and wound up mudhawging on some backroads in Amarillo.
Next thing I knew, the plane I had taken to get back to Carthage on time, was coming in for a landing. Looking out the window, I could tell that the plane was coming in at too wild of an angle. One of the other passengers said, "Oh my God!" At that point the plane was strafing down the runway, turning more onto it's side. Seeing that we were all about to die, I leaned back to Cassie, who was all of a sudden behind me. I kissed her, a good long passionate kiss, as the plane continued it's slow motion destruction. The other passengers realized they could not fight what was going to happen, so they started to applaud, and shake each other's hands. Then, nothing...

That was it, I did not wake up, but the dream had ended. I later woke up, and could remember nothing, except for random parts as I continued through the morning. There was much more of it too, however this is all I can remember for the moment.