I honestly have no idea where this one came from.

I'm driving in my truck and I ask someone who is not there to pass me the ham. As he leans over to hand me the ham, he says, "Hey you're oil pressure's really low. You better fix that!" To which I reply, "No hurry I don't mind filling it with a little oil now and then. I'll fix it once I have the money." At this time he said something about how friends of mine will start dying if I continued to procrastinate about that. I looked at him funny, now it's at this point I realize that I'm not talking to a person, it's a 'no one', a shadowy image of a man. I say what? He then starts going down a list, showing me what order they are in, and who will be next. This scares me, and I start biting him. Then he dies, and sure enough 'no one' was the next name on the list.
It was very odd, and made no sense, whatsoever.