Very strange dream indeed, perhaps due to the fall I took yesterday evening.
Something happened to me I cannot recall what it was but it was bad and it hurt. Jimmy (a friend) was there so to keep him from seeing me hurt, I ignored the pain. Finally it was too much, and I looked at my arm, and the bone was broken hanging by a very thin string. Now this was not my arm bone, this was like a kneecap bone in my arm. I wiped away the blood from the many cuts and went on. Jimmy said, "We gotta get you to the hospital, or else you'll die. Next scene airport, in large 747. Pilot says "Ladies and gentleman the flight 'blah blah' and our destination is the Houston hospital." I remember that the pilot could not fly well, and his explanation was because he'd never flown to Houston before.
And that's really all I remember.

Some of this shit just comes way outa left field.