This is my first node from my new laptop HP 5170. I got one hell of a good deal on it too. I bought it at the CompUSA taht I used to work at, and not only did I not get charged full price, but I was not charged tax, or full price for the Extended Warranty.

It's nice, fast powerful, and sexxy (to a geek anyway).

It's FRIDAY WOO-HOO!!! I'm so ready for it too. I might be goin to college station, that would be fun, maybe goin to Dallas, that would be fun, or may have to go to Houston, that would suck. See if I go to College Station I can see Allison, if I go to Dallas I can see Saria, but, I may have promised Jimmy I would accompany him to Houston. I hate Houston, but at least I could go to the best Gun Shop in Texas, that would be ok...

Our IS department is losing a battle against the corporate offices to control a secure terminal in their building, that apparently is messedup pretty bad, but none of our techs have security clearance to work on this machine. WHAT did I join the military somewhere while working here? SECURITY CLEARANCE, fine, fix the machine your self then...
Oh, what's that? You don't know how to fix it?
Well sorry we don't have clearance.
Without this machine working no one except for the hourly people get paid. They better do something fast. Or else their are going to be alot of angry people. I hate politics in the work environment, they just don't mix.