I love my mother, bless her heart, but she is the strangest person I've ever met. This is why.

Last night in order to avoid the crowd of people that usually gathers at my house right before The Simpsons comes on, I went to my parents house to study. My mother was in a good mood, but feeling kinda down...
I asked my father what was wrong with her. He told me that yesterday she bought a new car.
Ok dad, so why is she feeling so down?
Because she bought a car son.
My mother owns a very successful department store, her parents were millionaires (quite liteally) and she's probably not far behind them. She's never deprived herself of anything before, so why start now?
It's because she is driving (currently) the car her mom used to drive. bid deal right? I believe that she sees getting rid of her mom's car as getting rid of her mom.
My grandmother has been dead for almost a year, and it has really taken it's toll on my mother. I truly believe this to be the reason she doesn't really want to get rid of the car.

She and I talked for a long time, then I went and studied. I love my mother dearly, she is the kindest most considerate person I've ever known, but sometimes, she's just wierd.