Well another day, and I'm still alive... for now.

Well I had the little talk with Paul yesterday, see August 8, 2000. I asked him point blank if he was sleeping with my ex, granted it's no longer my business, but I still have feelings for the girl. He said, "Yes, but sleep is the keyword here." I replied, "The keyword here is betrayal!" maybe I was shouting a little bit, but I didn't care. He just sorta tucked his head, I kinda gave a little sob to the part I had to tell him next, my parents had asked that he NEVER come back to visit them again, and he used to get along very well with them. I scared him, I made him feel really sleezy, and for some reason it just felt good.

As for Stephanie, I don't know. She ignored us the entire time, like we weren't even there. That shit really hurts, more than any weapon ever could.

I got all of my stuff moved out last night and into my new house, in this retirement neighborhood. I got my cat JarJar Binks, all of my computers, and DVD/VCR/TV setup. anm with his wife, as well as my parents helped me get it all out as fast as we could.

Once it was all said and done I proceeded to drink myself silly, and I succeeded.