I don't understand women. I love my girlfriend, but she drives me insane. When my friend Paul, who has decided to become her friend only, comes over EVERYNIGHT to drink, she will scoff at everything I say and ridicule me for cracking stupid jokes just like I've always done.
When it's bedtime it's a different story she's as sweet as she can be. However, I have not by then forgotten about her evil-bitch-side that makes fun of, and is rude to, me. It ends up making for a long night of not much sleep and alot of arguing.

I do have some other wonderful friends, Allison a very good friend of mine for many years is coming to visit this weekend, that's always fun.

Some neighbors of mine and I are gonna go 4x4ing this weekend that should be a blast. There is some kind of competition to be held at Shiloh Ridge, for 4x4's. I'm there dude.