This the sound when Mandrake 7.0 installed correctly on my PC. So it turns out that my trouble all along was my CDROM, how odd for it to lock my system up 4 times in a row, I just went through and replaced the CDROM to an old writer that stopped writing, and now it's just kickin' right along.

So anm and his wife Donna have basically camped out here at my place this weekend. We've had a really good time. We watched Mallrats, which lead to discussion on whether or not we had a movie in us too. Strange? Maybe, but we think we can do it. We're all subconsciously thinking about plot and funny shit to throw in. It'll most likely never make it to the big screen, nor the local video store, but a bootlegged funny movie, is destined to be a cult classic right?

We went to the local flea market, where the "bunnies" (what we call anm and Donna) bought a Parrot, well.. why not? They are at home even as we speak playing with the bird, it's kinda neat, and I bet their cats love it.