Thank God today Allison is in town, that means we'll be drinkin' heavily and sleepin' hard. One of my few true friends Allison Deen is in town visiting her family and this week, this is nothin' but good. No one can get me drunker an happier than she can. So I'll probably be feeling like ass tomorrow, so if my day log tomorrow is incoherent, you'll know why.

Last night I had a good time, my parents threw a party. Don't scoff friends, of all the parties I've been to, nothing compares to a party at my folks house. Dad will spend hours on the grill, makin' BBQ, and mom will start makin' drinks, and continue to do so until everyone is drunk as hell.

It may not show, but despite what I've been through the last couple of weeks, I'm doing pretty damn good.