I just woke up,

the first Sunday in my new house, and I realized yet again, that sleeping alone sucks alot. This time I actually rolled off of my bed looking for Stephanie. This is driving me insane, I want to call her, but I know that she does not want to talk to me, so I am stuck in a rut. Totally confused, wondering what to do, not sure how to handle the situation.

Great news however, Allison is coming into town Monday, this is very close friend of mine for the past several years, she lives in College Station, so our visits are sparse. She's always good to get drunk with, of course it's usually me that gets drunk trying to keep up with her. She's one of the only two people who I fell challenge me enough to keep me interested in their friendship, the other is anm and his wife, they only count as one due to their collective intelligence. I'm hoping she will have something good to say.