A new RPG setting by David L. Pulver, and the first game to carry the new Powered By GURPS label.

Set in the year 2100, the setting is based on an optimistic view of the next hundred years' development. Humanity has not only survived, but thrived. Massive breakthroughs in biotechnology, nanotechnology, fusion power, computing and genetics have changed humanity's lifestyle almost beyond recognition. Nearly every human is genetically engineered to prevent genetic defects, and most are improved in some other way, making them smarter, longer lived, better looking. Even more extreme modifications have created so-called Parahumans, like the Zero-G enhanced Tennin, and even biologically constructed bioroids like the Felicia, a feline combat bioroid created specifically to fight.

The primary focus in Transhuman Space is the question "What is human?" Is your child no longer human if you genefix it to remove hereditary defects? If you modify it to improve its intelligence, looks or athletic ability? If you give it prehensile toes to maneuver in zero gravity? Is someone still human if they are destructively uploaded to a computer? What about beings who are definitely NOT human, like Artificial Intelligences, Uplifted Animals or Bioroids? Do they have rights? Are they human? Minors? Property?

Personally, I think Transhuman Space is a superb setting. There are a virtually unlimited number of themes, locations, settings and environments. If you have GURPS, go buy it. If you don't, get GURPS, then go buy it.