I have had an operation to fix my Deviated Septum 6 days ago. My experience is slightly different than Jet-poop's. I have hardly had any bleeding, I spent one night in hospital with packs up my nose, these were removed the following day which was uncomfortable for about 5 seconds per nostril, but not painful. I did not bleed when these were removed, and have not bled since. The gauze (or bolster as my hospital called it) was removed at the same time, and yes it does make it difficult to eat as it goes lower than your top lip. I was allowed to use a straw which helped. I have had 6 days off work and am going back tomorrow. You need to be prepared that you cannot smell or taste anything, as your nose is blocked, so eating is not much fun, and this is still the same on day 6 although some taste and some strong smells are now filtering though. I still have the splints up my nose, these are being removed next week. I have not really been in pain at all, and have only taken 2 paracetamol's since I had the op, Two days after my op I was back home hoovering and doing light housework (yes you are not supposed to, but I felt well enough to do it carefully). Today (day 6) I have been outside gardening, although I am not lifting anything heavy. Sleeping was very hard the first night due to the packs and the fact that my throat was very dry from the anaesthetic, but I have got used to breathing through my nose, and can sleep on my side quite happily (from day 2). All told so far it has not been anywhere near as bad as I thought it might be, and certainly no where near as painful. Will see what it is like when I get my splints removed, but please do not be put off having this op by some of the comments you will find on other sites on the internet.