Here I sit, eating some winegums (sort of semi-hard plastic-looking candy, probably known by some other name in other languages, perhaps jellybeans, but here in The Netherlands they are called winegums).
There are a few different colors, and every color has a different flavor. The red, black, green and white ones taste very good, but the yellow and orange ones are just disgusting!
The orange ones should taste like some sort of orange (the fruit, not the color), but they taste more like a strange fabricated sour-like plastic chemical flavor, which is uncomparable to anything else. Trust me, they taste nothing like an orange.
On to the yellow ones. They taste even more disgusting then the orange ones! I can't even begin to describe how they taste. They should taste like lemon, but once again, they taste more like plastic then like a lemon.

I don't think it is a coincidence that from the orange and yellow ones there are more in a bag then of any of the other colors. This way, there are not as much good tasting ones as there should be, so you'll buy another bag sooner, which means more profit for the manufacturers. And this bugs me. Not because I don't want them to have a profit, but when I buy a bag of these things, I don't want to have to throw away 30% or more. I want a bag full of good tasting candy dammit!