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The World Needs A Hero is [Megadeth]'s 10th album, released in May 2001 on [Metal-Is Records] / [Sanctuary Records]. It is their first album since they left [Capitol Records], and was originally going to be called [Capitol Punishment]. The band promised the fans that they would return to their classic sound, since quite a few [fan|fans] were not pleased with the direction Megadeth had taken with their previous album, [Risk]. They kept their promise, although the album still is a lot less aggressive then their first few albums. It sounds more like [Countdown To Extinction], even though the fans were hoping it would be in the same style as [Rust In Peace].

All songs except [Promises] were written by [Dave Mustaine]. Promises was written by Dave Mustaine and new guitarist [Al Pitrelli], who left [Savatage] to join Megadeth. The album was produced by Dave Mustaine with help of Bill Kennedy. The cover art was done by [Hugh Syme], who altered a picture taken by Dave Mustaine, so it would include Megadeth's [mascotte] [Vic Rattlehead]. Vic finally made his return to the album's front cover. He was gone missing for a few albums, which also angered fans.


    1. [Disconnect]
    2. The World Needs A Hero
    3. [Moto Psycho]
    4. [1000 Times Goodbye]
    5. [Burning Bridges]
    6. [Promises]
    7. [Recipe For Hate... Warhorse]
    8. [Losing My Senses]
    9. [Dread And The Fugitive Mind]
    10. [Silent Scorn] (instrumental)
    11. [Return To Hangar]
    12. [When]