My alarmclock didn't wake me this morning. Well, it did, but not when I wanted to. I wanted to wake up with Sign Of The Cross by Iron Maiden, because it's a song that starts slowly and gets harder as the song progresses. Well, I usually wake up when the light of my stereo turns on or the first sounds come out of the speakers, but not in this case. I woke up about halfway during the song (which is over 10 minutes long). In a hurry I had some breakfast, shaved myself, and wanted to go to work, when I noticed an SMS on my cellular phone. It was a very sweet message from the girl I'll be seeing in two days. She tells me every day that she loves me and I tell her the same, but so far that's all. I hope that will change this weekend.
Anyway, after reading the message three times and thinking about her, I realise that I'm running late so I hurry to my car, drive to work like a maniac, and arrive at the same time I usually arrive.

At work, it was pretty hectic. Some user complained that it took 30 minutes to startup the program he uses all day (which normally takes 5), and he was getting pretty sick of it. I'm still looking for the answer to why it takes so long. The damn machine of his has 512mb of RAM and a 700mhz processor, which usually makes even Windows boot fast. But in this case it's about a scheduling program, and it uses its memory pretty inefficient.
I've been looking for an answer all day. I tried some changes in the coding of the program, but that didn't really make a difference. I tried running it on a different machine, but that also didn't matter. But now I might have found an answer, because there were about 210.000 records in the database, while there should be 35.000. So I deleted the redundant ones, and it starts a bit faster. It's still slow, so maybe they should consider better software.

I'll be going home at 5PM, get home at 6, do some shopping in the early evening, and then get back home again, probably at around 8, to waste the rest of my evening on irc. Hopefully, some interesting people are online.