I woke up today with a headache and a nosebleed. This was because I turned around in bed and banged my head against the wall, nose first. Fortunately, it stopped bleeding pretty fast, but my headache stayed for another hour.

I took the morning off from work, because I had an appointment with my boss, who I see only a few times a year. The appointment was at 11:00AM. Unfortunately, my car wouldn't start very well so I had to drive way too fast to be on time. Still, I was there 5 minutes early. The bastard showed up 20 minutes late, so all my rushing proved pointless. We had lunch, talked a bit, and that was it basically. Then on the way to work, my car still had some troubles. I definately need to have it checked up soon.

I got to work, sweating, because it was bloody hot in my car. I'm 10 minutes late. If anyone complains, fuck 'm... It's bloody hot here at work too, and I probably have nothing to do again all day. Which in this case, comes at a good moment since I'm not really in the mood to do anything. And now I just found out they stole my phone. I won't argue with the girl next to me who did it, since she's nice and pretty good looking (Madelon, if you read this, and I know you will, don't get jealous. She's not as good looking as you. Love ya..).

I'll probably get home not too late, so I finally can have some time to relax. I wish it was Saturday already. Hmm no, I'll be gone all Saturday too. But at least then I'll be doing something I really like. Better yet, I wish it was the Saturday after that. Then I finally see her again....

Looking back at yesterday, it wasn't a completely wasted day. The meeting was ok, I met some interesting people, had a good chat with some of them, and we ate pancakes. I got home late, talked to a few more people on irc (including her...), and went to bed at 1 AM.