Today I woke up an hour early. For some reason last few days I wake up long before my alarm goes off. So I lay there in my bed, bored. About fifteen minutes before my alarm should go off, I decided to get out of bed, get dressed and have breakfast. The newspaper hasn't arrived yet, so once again I'm bored because I haven't got anything to read during my breakfast.

After breakfast, I go to work. It's about an hour by car, so I enjoy some music while driving. Finally I wasn't so bored. Then I arrive at work, about 10 minutes earlier then usual, and I realise that I don't really have anything to do here. So, once again I'm bored. I've been surfing the web all morning, checking E2 a lot, but basically, I'm still bored.

After work I'll have to go to a meeting, which is also about an hour by car from where I work, but it's exactly the opposite way from where I live, so after the meeting it'll be a two hour drive. That meeting will probably be boring too, but I have to be there for some stupid reason.

I'll come home late in the evening, probably haven't talked to the girl I love at all, so if I look back tomorrow, it will probably be another wasted day.