I woke up at about 8:00 (after maybe two hours of sleep), with Madelon, my girlfriend, in my arms, at her sister's house. We spent the night there because she had some arguments with her mother, and didn't want to go home.
Someone called me on my mobile phone at 8:30. Still a bit sleepy, the bed was comfortably warm, and my girlfriend lying next to me, I didn't feel like answering the phone. Afterwards I discovered it was my girlfriend's mother who had called, probably because the batteries of my girlfriend's phone were empty (so she couldn't answer, even if she wanted to). I had a voicemail message from her, that I had to call her back. I didn't. I don't know her (haven't met her yet), and she had just worried too much about her daughter (for those who haven't been paying attention: my girlfriend) who she treats like a little kid even though she's 20.

We stayed in bed all morning, smooching most of the time.

Got out of bed at 11:30, took a shower, and then we left. We had to go to Bart, a friend of mine, in the afternoon, because he turned 19 a few days earlier. We still didn't have a present, so we decided to go shopping first.
After having breakfast/lunch at McDonalds (no, cheeseburgers do not taste too great at 12:30), we walked a bit through the shopping area of Den Haag, deciding on what to buy for the poor fellow. We bought a cd for him from Frans Van Boesschoten, Des 'N Schoon Waoge. It's a funny song in a dialect from Brabant (a province of The Netherlands), about a guy who's trying to sell his car, which basically is a piece of junk but he claims it's perfect.
At 13:00 (1PM, for the uneducated), we left Den Haag on our way to Breda, to Bart's birthdayparty. I know him from IRC, and met with him IRL numerous times. At the party there were a few more people from IRC who I already met IRL, but my girlfriend only knew them from IRC. She was a bit nervous to meet them at first, but she told me she wasn't as nervous as the first time she was going to meet me. We stayed there until 17:00.

I took her to the train station, to get her back to Den Haag. Maybe I should have brought her home myself but I had to go a different direction, and then I would be home really late (on the other hand, I would have been with her for another hour or two, which I now regret a bit that I didn't)). Fortunately, her train left one minute after she bought the ticket, and the next one was leaving 30 minutes later, so we walked very slowly to the trains. In the 30 minutes that we had to wait, we talked, smooched, and just enjoyed the moment. Then her train came rolling into the station. We walked towards it, and kissed each other goodbye. While we were smooching, the doors closed and the train left.
Feeling a bit angry because she missed her train, but at the same time very happy since we still had a bit of time together, we waited for another train to arrive, which would also get her to Den Haag, but through a different route. While we were waiting for that one to arrive, two other people who we know from IRC arrived at the station. I had already met Annemarie and Richard IRL, but Madelon hadn't, so now she met some more people from IRC.
After a few minutes, the train arrived. We said goodbye to each other, now making sure the train wouldn't leave before we knew it.
I walked with Annemarie to the exit (she was there to drop off her boyfriend Richard on the train), and I talked with her some more.

On my way home, I decided to grab something to eat at Burger King. I don't think I'll do that again any time soon, since the cheeseburger wasn't really all that tasty.

I arrived at home at approximately 19:45, wasted some time on IRC. Fortunately, my girlfriend was there too later that evening so I talked with her some more. Then I realised I already missed her a lot.