I'm beginning to wonder why I'm at work today. Only an hour left, and I haven't done anything yet.
I'm not joking, I really haven't done anything today. I got here at 8:15, turned on my computer, checked some online newspapers, Everything2, and some other websites, written a few emails, and at 12:00 I went to get something to eat in the city, and I bought 2 cds: No Fun At All's Vision EP, and Gamma Ray's Blast From The Past, a double cd with their best songs (of which 13 are re-recorded!).

I got back at the office at about 13:00. Since then I've played a few games of Dope Wars, surfed the web some more, and listened to the cds I bought. That's all I've done so far. Other cds I listened to here at work today are Nevermore's Dead Heart, In A Dead World, Iron Maiden Live At Dynamo Open Air 2000, Demons & Wizards, Guns n' Roses' Live Era '87-'93 and Iced Earth's The Dark Saga.

Why haven't I done anything?
The answer is very simple: there is nothing to do. They hired me to give support to a few people (11 in total) that use Optiflex, a scheduling program. But nothing goes wrong, the program doesn't crash, incoming orders get processed normally, chickens haven't eaten their harddrives, so I have nothing to do.

Why didn't I go home?
First of all, they pay me for this. If there's nothing to do, there's nothing to do. But in case something does go wrong, I have to be here to try and fix it (emphasis on try).
Secondly, if I would want to take the afternoon off, I have to let my boss know a day in advance (well, unless it's an emergency). And it costs me half a free day, which I then can't use anymore in the future when I want to take an afternoon off. So, instead, I still sit here doing nothing. If this goes on, I might have read all the nodes on Everything2 before the end of the year.