work, I finally could pick up my car from the garage. It's been there for two weeks, because it needed a new set of wheels, a check-up, and they had to repair something on the engine (I don't know what. I'm not very technical) was broken, and they had to get the parts from Japan.
I've been driving for the last two weeks in a car from the garage, and when I returned it, they had the nerve to complain about how many kilometers I drove with it, so I got a bit angry at the guy and told him: If you would have fixed my car sooner, I wouldn't have to use yours this long! Fortunately (for him, I guess), he agreed with me and apologized for it.

At least my car is fixed, I've got some new tires, and they even washed my car. And what did it cost me? Nothing, since my boss pays for it.

After midnight, I got a call from my girlfriend... damn, I missed her... Can't wait to see her again.