I met my girlfriend's mother (and her mother's boyfriend). She had warned me about them, that they could be cranky. Fortunately, they weren't.
My girlfriend's mother didn't really care what kind of idiot her daughter was dating (well, that's the impression I got anyway), but she wasn't that weird as I was told. Her boyfriend was a real nutter. Some of the things he said just cracked me up inside. I couldn't laugh then because they would be offended for sure, but afterwards I told my girlfriend and she agreed. It may be a bit of a mean thing to say, but that guy definately isn't 100% sane. But he's a kind man nevertheless. After less then an hour, we left them to go elsewhere. I'm sure I'll meet them again someday.

For dinner we ate pancakes in a restaurant on the boulevard, with a view of the sea in front of us. What weird combinations did they serve there: pancakes with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce, pancakes with seafood (yes, seafood on a pancake. Yikes!!) etc. Thank the maker they had normal pancakes too.

In the evening, she went home with me, where she met my parents. That was also a short meeting, since we planned on going out that evening, with a few friends of mine. The rest of the evening was spent drinking beer in a few bars.