Ever tried to link an Oracle database through a Microsoft Access front end, and then execute a pretty complicated query? No?
I did today, and I can tell you this: if you have large queries, try to execute them on the Oracle database instead of the Access application, because Access is so fucking slow in this case.
Ok, I can understand why. It needs to load all the data, and then execute the query, so there's some network activity involved, instead of when you execute the query directly on the Oracle database, because then it all is done on the server. I had to use Access because I don't have any Oracle Developer here, but since the query took about 45 minutes to complete, I'll try to find a different method, using a databaselink, if I get approval to make one.

Enough for my Access struggles, because I also had some fun building a few small sql scripts. And I finally managed to complete a script for a datawarehouse we are working on here. So at least I made myself useful on that.
At least I can play some music here at work. If not, I'd go mad. Ok, I can't play it very loud, but at least I can enjoy some tunes while working. In my cd player today were the following cds: Bruce Dickinson: The Chemical Wedding, Ayreon: The Dream Sequencer, Iced Earth: The Dark Saga, Nevermore: Dead Heart In A Dead World, Demons & Wizards, Kiss: Destroyer, Helloween: The Dark Ride, Kiss: Alive, Alice Cooper: Hey Stoopid, Dio: Magica, Monster Magnet: Powertrip and Rhapsody: Dawn Of Victory.

I also managed to do some shopping for blank CD-Rs, which I needed for trading a few Iron Maiden bootlegs. Yeah, I know, copying cds is illegal. But is it illegal to copy an illegal recording of a show? Hmm, yes I guess so. But what is illegal about it? The fact that I copy it, or the fact that it's an illegal recording? I know the band doesn't really mind, as long as they're not sold at outragious prices. Steve Harris admitted he collects bootlegs from his own band (the already mentioned Iron Maiden), so I don't think they would complain if they found out.

And since this is my first daylog of 2001, I've accidentally posted it first in January 17, 2000. I guess HAL is screwing with my mind.