This here would be the "standard" New England Clambake (if anything like this could have a "standard"). Total preparation time, including finding the seaweed and rocks, as well as digging the hole, is about six hours. It's intended to be the culmination of a day at the beach, after lunch you start everything baking, and go bask in the waves and play on the sand as everything bakes. At sunset, you settle down with fragrant lobsters, clams, corn, and chicken and the salty sea air. Best accompanied with some crusty French bread, a large green salad, and, of course, beer.


First, dig a large hole in the sand about 5 feet (1.5 m) in diameter and about 1 foot (30 cm) deep. Line the hole with large rocks. Place the hardwood on the rocks and ignite the fire, which should burn for several hours.

Lay more large rocks on top of the fire and allow them to become very hot. Cover the heated rocks with a layer of seaweed that has been rinsed in fresh water.

Add the un-peeled onions and potatoes on top of the seaweed layer, and cover them with another layer of rinsed seaweed.

Season the broiler chickens however you desire and wrap them in tin foil. Place the tin foil wrapped chickens onto the seaweed and add yet another layer of fresh rinsed seaweed.

Place the live lobsters on the seaweed and cover with another layer of fresh seaweed.

Wrap the 12 dozen clams in cheesecloth and add them to the bake. Cover them with another layer of seaweed.

Remove the silk from the corn, but NOT the husks. Place the corn directly on the seaweed and cover with with the wet tarpaulin.

Weight down the tarpaulin on all ends with large rocks and let bake for two to three hours, or until the clams begin to open. Serve with melted butter, lemon wedges, and lots of cold beer!