For those of with Sharp EL-9300 graphics calculators, I wrote a similar program, available at (I'd copy it here, but this node is too short to contain it). It's an almost perfect rendition, except that the last column is missing (it's not addressable from user code), and you don't actually press any key to continue, since there's no function to do that either.

For those of you with too much time, I also have a version of Blackjack and Drugwar to waste your time with. I certainly did during the long, boring hours of high school.

Note that you can also keep notes in your calculator and cheat in things other than maths: common chemical reactions for Chemistry, material properties for Physics etc.

For me, this program was ultimately useless, since the calculators weren't reset in the final examination of any of the subjects that allowed them - in fact, you were allowed to bring in 2 sheets of notes to compensate for the fact that you could store notes in them, and some students might not be able to afford them. On the other hand, you could bring in up to 2 graphics calculators and 6 scientific calculators if you really thought it necessary.