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Hi there. This user account is a project to collate information about veteran's benefits in the United States.

Red tape was invented for veterans. When the Veteran's Administration of the reconstruction era first began promulgating benefits (and naturally being behind on everything) they bound each Veteran's claims file with red ribbon. Today, they are still called "Red rope folders" although they really look closer to a reddish tan, and have no apparent rope.

If you have come here looking for information on veteran's benefits then you may have taken notice of other individuals who provide free advice regarding benefits. Although they might not lie, they have ample reasons to misinform you.

  • Private attorney's can only be paid out of the retroactive portion of a veteran's benefits. That means, if one represents you, they can receieve a large payment if and only if your claim is delayed before being granted. Additionally, they have no interest in letting you know that the claims process is non-adversarial.

  • The VA Watchdog is okay but Mr. Hightower is more interested in advancing an opinion about how VA benefits should be changed than explaining how they are today.

  • is your best bet for a forum, however I am frequently disappointed in a lot of the information being presented there.