Okay, here's some food for thought. Not that you should be eating other peoples thoughts, or any thing like that, but, well, uhm, well, just read this:

Series: The Next Generation
Episode: Q Who
Shown: November 1992
Stardate: 46193.8

In this episode, Q shoves the Enterprise-D twenty-gazillion lightyears away from their original position to inform the Federation 'bout the Borg. This is the first time the Federation is supposed to know any thing of the Borg's existance.

Series: Voyager
Episode: Dark Frontier
Shown: February 1999
Stardate: 32611.4

In this episode, Seven of Nine's parents, the Hansons, begin searching for the Borg at stardate 32611.4. How is this possible?

Once again, UPN's borked every thing up.