I am going to have to disagree with you on this one.

First, They look good. That’s right, good. I suppose it all depends on your perspective, but they look fine to me. They look somewhat unique (except for maybe a few VWs), and to me, unique is a good thing. And about being to close to the ground, to me, that’s another good thing.

Lets think about the demographic that buys and tricks out these cars. Teenagers, from 16-26 are the age group you are going to see driving these cars, why? Price, these are relatively cheap for what you are getting. Other options are out there; the VW Golf is a nice looking car that also is easily upgradeable. Once again, I see more Golfs and Civic Wagons around then I do CRXs.

These cars are good performers. Do a quick search on Ebay and you will see there are plenty around that are still running. They are fast. Take a mid-80’s MR2 (Toyota), GTI (VW), RX-7 (Mazda), and a mid 90’s Dodge Neon (Get an American car in there). Look at 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. They are all close, at around 8-9 sec. 0-60 (not incredibly impressive, but not slow either.) and 16 sec. 1/4 miles. All right, lets take out that Neon because it doesn’t impress the ladies and has limited third-party parts. ( wonko says re: Pimped out CRXs -- Granted, Neons don't impress the ladies, but "limited third party parts"? You must not have done much research. Neons have a massive third-party part world...probably second only to Hondas. ;) ] That leaves us with the GTI, the RX-7, and MR2. All very nice cars, I can’t say I don’t like any of them. The RX-7 has a 9.9-10+ 0-60 time, depending on your sources. That’s just not acceptable, and upgrading it to move faster will be expensive and once again limited. The GTI is a common car with many available parts, but I don’t want a common car, and while a GTI is nice, I want something a little sportier, lets say. That leaves us with two very nice choices, and as much as I have tried to find somthing wrong with the MR2, I can’t. But, as you can see, the CRX is a nice and arguably better car then the similar competition. Honda's are good cars to trick out, for you have many respectable companies making products for them (see Neuspeed). I would rather see someone trick out a CRX then a Civic or Golf. Plus, CRXs have good gas mileage.

Ok, now, for another statement. Don’t think I’m sticking up for Rice Boys. “I just got a Honda window sticker, that adds 30-40 HP!” No, I don’t believe in making a car look fast, when its not. So, upgrade your CRX with a nice Intake, Exhaust system perhaps, maybe even a Turbo. Maybe get a VTEC engine if you don’t already have one and you have some money to waste. A CRX would make a nice project car for someone. A CRX would make a good car for some fun driving.

That’s why people trick out CRXs. I’m sure there a better cars out there to fit others fancies, there are faster cars for a little more money perhaps, but for the young adult age group without a ton of money but a passion for there automobile, a Honda CRX is a option to be considered.