The Firebat action figure (or statue, as is my preference to these sorts of toys) is part of Blizzard's newest 'Starcraft: Series 1' line. It's about 8.5 inches tall. He's everything a Firebat should be.

He's bigger than the Marine figure by an inch or so and his legs and feet are thicker and rounder than the Marine, giving him a solid base to stand on. Unlike the old Marine figure, the guy inside the Firebat, who's face can be seen if the visor is flipped up, it looks like a person might actually fit inside it (if it were actual size, of course).

There is only one removeable part, the huge fuel tanks on his back. A thick tube connects to his shoulder. The Firebat also has huge gauntlets (kind of look like Hellboy's hand) that are fitted with the actual flamethrower.

The Firebat is entirely red (of course), with yellow bat shapes on its knees and yellow flame decals on the helmet and shoulders.

The guy inside the Firebat (whose face you can see) doesn't look anything like the Firebat portrait in the game. He seems like the kind of guy you'd see driving a big pick-up truck in Texas or something. Someone who likes their steak well-done. I would have preferred to see him with a grimace on his face and a cigar in his mouth, but he seems to be emotionless and a fake cigar might be against some kind of anti-tobacco law, so they couldn't put it in.

It was funny to note that the first person to look at the Firebat asked me if it had been played with already. I said that it had just come out of the box (I can't stand to leave them sealed) and that it was supposed to look that way. Sure enough, there are deliberate silver scuff marks painted on. Battle-damage, I guess.