(Noded as soon as I got back from a four-day trip from Tampa to New York to be the best man in a wedding.)

I went to the airport early to avoid rush hour traffic and parked in the Remote Economy Lot ($6 per day instead of $8 per day). I thought I had parked in the wrong lot because, except for a few parked shuttle vans, the lot was pretty much empty. But the guy I asked said I was just the first one there, so I should go ahead and park.

The driver of the shuttle van asked me if I had seen any advertisements for the remote lot. That's when it dawned on me. I was "...the first one here, EVER?"

"Yeah, today's the first day. You're the first ever."

"Wow. I feel so special. Here I thought I was just a cheapskate, and it turns out I'm a historic cheapskate."

"If I had a camera I'd take a picture."


The passengers of Flight 380 were served "Le Petit Snack" ("A Delightful Combination for Your Snacking Pleasure"), which consisted of "Le Petit Fromage" (a spreadable bit of cheese), two Wheatsworth whole-grain saltines, a granola bar and a tiny 3 Musketeers morsel the size of a six-sided die. I think "Le Petit Snack" is bogus French for "twee nosherei".

My seatmate was a renfaire whipmaker who lives across Tampa Bay from me. I've asked him if he'll make a wizard's wand for my Halloween costume; I'm going to be a Hogwarts professor of magic.

Adam (the groom) and his sister Stephanie met me at the gate. Adam was holding a sign that said "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt". I greeted him with "That's MY name too!" We dashed away to drop off Stephanie at the bridal shop and get to Adam's meeting at work (duraboard.com).

I got a brief tour of the warehouse. They sort used tires by size, then slice off the sidewalls and cut the remaining rings of tread to be baked flat and bonded together into a lumber substitute.

The bachelor party was a simple affair - dinner, pool, and video games. A good time was had by all.