I was planning to go get a nice enclosed rack in Orlando today, but woke to the news that a tropical storm was headed for Florida's Gulf coast. Because we couldn't be sure about high winds, my pickup-owning friend and I postponed that plan.

As I watched the Volunteers and the Gators battling it out, Gordon became a hurricane. It's still headed straight for Tallahassee, which makes me suspect that God is pissed off at FSU's meteorology center for giving away the punchline.

Side note: I may be the only guy in the world who yells at the TV while watching college football and drinking herbal tea. Kill him! Mmm, that's good tea...

Anyway, I'm looking at my options: evacuate? Ride it out? It's still a small hurricane, only Category 1, but my wind chimes aren't going on vacation anytime soon. There are no small hurricanes, only those whose destructive force are confined to a 200-mile swath of torrential rain with wind faster than any car can legally drive.

And yet... It's so calm out there right now that I can't imagine what will come tomorrow. I plan to treat the storm as the day's entertainment -- it should be quite a show. I'll node my experience, of course, providing there's still power. Good thing I have a UPS.