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A [humanitarian] effort (December [1960] - October [1962]), in which more than 14,000 children were brought from [Cuba] to the [United States].

Planes left from Rancho Boyeros Airport and landed in [Kingston], [Jamaica], with kids holding [British] [visa]s. The [United States] then issued [visa]s for travel from [Jamaica] to the [United States].

These young [refugee]s were placed with [family] members or [friend]s of the family. Kids who had no [family] or [friend]s to live with in the [US] were placed in [foster home]s and [boarding school]s until their [parent]s could get [visa]s.

When Operation Pedro Pan was ended an [1962] by the political [aftermath] of the [Bay of Pigs] invasion, some 50,000 children in [Cuba] had been issued [visa]s but were still waiting to leave the island. Several years later, in [1965], flights resumed; the [parent]s of Pedro Pan kids in the [US] were given top priority so that the families could be reunited.

The Operation Pedro Pan Group (, a [nonprofit] association of Pedro Pan kids who are now adults, now exists to tell the story of this [exodus] and to fund projects for children.