Yesterday I got back from nearly a week in Miami. I argued politics at the Thanksgiving table -- and believe it or not, I looked moderate next to my cousin, who will probably be President some day if he doesn't make good on his plans to earn Dutch citizenship. (And if he does, he'll probably end up as the head of Europe in its contemporary incarnation.)

I went to an acoustic music festival on Buy Nothing Day and met liha there. Oh my... she's doing a thesis that's not even required (and it sounds really interesting), she enjoyed Differential Equations (a course that kicked my intellectual ass), and her laugh is musical. She lives around 200-300 miles from me, but no situation is perfect. (And that's not much of a drive for me anyway; I used to drive to Jacksonville, and before that I drove out to the middle of the Panhandle.) liha, let's get together soon. Your city or mine?

...The music festival was good too.

I've begun working on a few geek projects for my father's landscape nursery. I've already registered PlantscapesMiami.(com|net|org) with GANDI, and hooked .com up to Pair Networks. Soon I'll have the content up and the other domains pointing at it. He also wants a wireless LAN so that he can go out into the fields with a client and use a laptop to send an invoice to the printer in the main office. I suspect a ruggedized laptop and a 5-acre wireless LAN will be somewhere around $8k-10k, so there's no telling if he'll go for it, but I'm glad to give him a ballpark excluding labor (which I'd gladly provide for the chance to play with wireless hardware).

"But that's not what I came to talk about." I came to tell you about today.

Today I caught up on over 700 email messages, wrote eight lines that were half higgledy-piggledy and half Beowulf (about the election, mind you), introduced a friend of mine to E2, ordered gifts for friends and colleagues, and finally got back to doing a bit of exercise instead of rushing into rush hour. I walked briskly around the office park for 35 minutes, the last five of which were a bit slower because I'd rashly decided that these sneakers, and my feet, were up to it. I've *got* broken-in sneakers, I just haven't been keeping them at the office. Oh well -- it felt great to hike out to the microwave dish and back, out to the construction site, up to the community college, and back to the office for a spot of noding.

And I've got anime DVDs waiting at home for me. What a great day!