Another in a series of infrequent daylogs.

I'm dating a woman named Jodi; we met at a Beltane party in May.

Jodi has been studying French in Fort Pierce, on the east coast of Florida. Her employer, Convergys (a call-center outsourcing provider) has been rapidly shedding employees, especially on the Dell account. She does not want to be stranded without a job in the middle of the coming semester.

So instead, we're moving in together! We'll live in my new condo, which is conveniently located near a bus (she doesn't have a car with hand controls) that serves the local community college.

And then, in December, she'll move to a dorm at USF to start her third year of school. This will be a bit weird and backwards, but I figure she'll get a car with hand controls and learn to use it. Then she can move back home and still attend USF. Meanwhile, we'll have weekends and some evenings...

Tomorrow she'll give her two weeks notice. After her last day, I'll arrive for a weekend. We'll throw a Saturday packing party so that her friends can eat our pizza and drink our soda and help us shove a bunch of stuff into my Taurus. Then on Sunday we'll drive over and unpack.

And in the fall, I'll give her a hand with the Dreaded Math Class that she's put off until the very end. (Set theory, logic, non-base-10 arithmetic, etc. for beginners. Half of it she already knows, I think. Fun stuff. I'm trying to dredge up the diagonals demonstration of the countability of the rational numbers in case it should be needed.)

By most calendars, it's awfully early to be moving in together, but we're both happy about it. But then again, I said within 24 hours of meeting her, "Hmm. Let's see. Smart woman, likes books, into languages. Will you marry me?" ...and she grinned and said "Ask me again in a few years." -- so I suppose we can skip a lot of the "does s/he like me? where is this going?" stuff. :)

Leslie, the co-host of the Beltane party, still swears she didn't set us up. "I don't set people up, I introduce them." Uh huh.

I am happy!