On Friday I took my car in to the dealership and learned that it needs open heart surgery to replace the seals on the transmission; like the O-rings on Challenger, they become inflexible in unusually cold Florida weather of 32°F (0° C). This is a labor intensive repair, so not only will it take until Monday, but it's also going to cost me about $1800. I had JUST paid off my credit card completely, damn it to hell, and now it's about to get maxed out again.

I got a ride from tregoweth so I could get a couple of rolls of quarters for laundry. I came home to find that, of the six washers serving our community of around 100 apartment units, only two were working, and one of them was in use. But it gets better -- after I did a load of whites, I found that of the six communal dryers, zero of them were working.

My shirts, socks, towels and -- oh yes -- my unmentionables are now hanging on various bits of furniture on my lanai for all to see. Too freaking bad if it's unsightly. I regret only that the sun will go down shortly, leaving little chance for my clothes to dry. Thank heavens I only washed one load!

I'll have to dress up for my appointment with the ENT specialist tomorrow, as I don't have any clean casual clothes to wear. No laundry, no car... THIS S*U*C*K*S.