I got published!

Mark your calendars -- Wednesday, February 21, 2001, the Universal Press Syndicate crossword puzzle will be my first published crossword. That means you'll probably be able to see it: if not in print, then online.

The Universal Crossword is the most successful online crossword and appears in many of the top sites such as CNN, Excite, Sony, Disney’s Go, Microsoft Network, Netscape, Shockwave and Warner Bros. It is also the exclusive crossword of many top newspaper sites including the Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning News, Cincinnati Post, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, Minneapolis Star-Tribune and hundreds more. The Universal Crossword also appears in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Republic of the Philippines.

-- Universal specifications sheet

This is my first publication, which is pretty ironic considering that I've gone to school for 19 years, not including preschool (where I majored in the recess arts, with a thesis titled "mine!"). You'd think I'd get something published in the library trade rags first. But I'm not complaining -- journals don't pay, these guys do.