Popular name of the Iron Horse Music Hall, a concert venue in Northampton, Massachusetts which, despite its small size, hosts big names in folk, acoustic, singer/songwriter, alt-twang, and similar kinds of music.

The Iron Horse even has its own compilation album, "Live at the Iron Horse", showcasing the best tracks from modern folk/acoustic/etc. music. Susan Werner, Tish Hinojosa, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Fred Eaglesmith, Richard Thompson, Patty Larkin, and others have each contributed a track.

Other typical performers include Rockapella, Christine Lavin, the Nields, Chris Smither, Moxy Früvous...

Having never (yet) been on a pilgrimage to the Iron Horse, I can only report what others have said about it: that the sound crew are wonderful, the atmosphere intimate, and the results phenomenal. I can hardly wait to go.