Deleted both writeups in #square. IvyNeko's text: "One can only spend so much time discussing Squaresoft games before they have simply run out of things to say to such related topic. I obviously joined this DALnet IRC channel a few years too late. Current discussions usually&revolve around boring personal rants or functions of the body." ojnk's: "Well, that's DALnet #square. EFnet is so much better. Yeah, really. It is. or something." Since neither has logged in since That Fateful November, I didn't /msg them.

Also vacuumed up a bit of schmutz in Everything2 sucks my ass!. stile shat: "Power to the people. You cannot keep the black man down forever. Keep noding, there's nothing to see here." Now there's even less to see here. Jonnii topped it off with a linkless response: "I hear ya brother... but you have to admire the team for coming up with such a wacky idea for a site... All they have to do is sit back and watch it grow, while growing fat from the banner impressions. I bet your just bitter that you didn't come up with the idea! Oh and... STILE OWnz j000" Uh huh.

Nodeshell demolition team, here are some targets:

Everything2 sucks my ass!
"Do thou amend thy face, and I'll amend my life."
Who's been fucking the cream cheese?
HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm on a mad nodeshelling spree
Le roi est mort, vive le fromage!
Wyclef is a pigfucker who likes fucking pigs
...then again, if Wyclef didn't like fucking pigs, why WOULD he be a pigfucker?
And I'm not even high