I was browsing through a website with celebrity obituaries for sale. Only, here's the thing: It was celebrities who were alive. The site said you could download (or in some cases buy) an obituary of a celebrity you disliked and frame it on your wall. It also said, and I quote: "Bonus points for getting a major newspaper to run it as a real story."

Macaulay Culkin's obituary was $39.95, and there was a free preview available (the letters were blurred but you could almost make it out). I read "Culkin died of choking on a hot dog (he heh hehe)" and that's all I could make out.

It didn't seem worth it. That would never have gotten into a national newspaper or website (except perhaps the Drudge Report).

Real-life counterpart to this dream: Newspapers really do have obituaries ready to go on many celebs. They update the files when the celebrity or politician does something noteworthy, and when someone finally dies, they add a few details and send out the story.