She stood in front of me. A soaked tissue was in her hand and tears were streaming down her face. The fight had been vicious, yet ended subdued. My own face was wet with tears, as i looked at her beautiful form.

"I'll never stopped loving you" she said to me. I just cried harder as i watched her. Her fingers reached for another tissue as she wiped her eyes. Sitting there, looking at her, seeing the love in her teary eyes, i wonder how we ever got to this stage.

We loved each other more than mere words can describe, yet the fights had become frequent, almost daily, and the hurt was building. She said she couldn't stand it any more. She said apart from the fighting she was happy. She said that the love we shared wasn't enough to get past the obsticals laid in our way.

She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. "I'll never stop loving you" she repeated in my ear. Tears continued to stream down my face. I managed to reiterate my love for her, that i would do anything for her, that i was the right man for her. She cried harder as she stood back up.

"Goodbye Alan" she sobbed. The tears ran down her cheeks and dripped softly off of her chin. She turned and walked out, closing the door almost silently, bar a small click as the latch caught. The click, however, seemed to echo around the room, getting louder and louder, piercing my very soul and breaking my spirit completely.

I lost the woman i love, i lost my rock, my teacher. I love you always and forever. Only you know who you are.