What the fuck!

Two days ago i was informed by my woefully incompetant lecturer that i had failed my java exam. At thie time i think "So fucking what. Its just another 3 months on my course time. Thats nothing. I can almost afford the 400 bucks too".

So today I spent a good deal of time contemplating writing to the guys at Sun with a simple question: Why is java so fucking hard?

I haven't yet written that letter, i still need more time to contemplate the sort of reply, if any, i will receive. (For the uninitiated, the course i am in (offered by Carngeie Mellon University) expects students with barely a clue of java, to go from selection statements (if and for) to stacks, streams and packages in around 9 weeks. Anywhere else in the world, including on the actual campus, does the same in around 18 weeks, that, however, isn't Sun's fault). I expect anything from "Java is easy blah blah blah heres some reasons blah blah blah" to a more appropriate "$^%& off, we made it as easy as we could".

Maybe its just because i am doing Visual Basic along side of java. Visual Basic is easy. Visual Basic makes sense to new programmers. Visual Basic is my friend. The makers of java should have taken a leaf out of their book.

Maybe ill just commend Sun on their work with java and hope Java3 will be more newbie friendly. I think it will be the CTE people that i yell and scream at (useless though it may be).

Java sucks!