Some of you may remember me mentioning that I love a good BBQ. Well, after the horror that was the family BBQ, I am lucky enough to be having a BBQ at a mates place tomorrow, with beers, to wipe the memories of the weekend from my mind. A few people I know from tafe will be there, which brings me to my next point.

I am listed in The Everything People Registry : Australia. I live in Adelaide and, unfortunately, there are relatively few noders that live here too. However, one of them is the boyfriend of one of my lecturers, who just so happens to sit in my classes, and happens to also be coming to the BBQ.

Ummmmm this all means what to me?

Very good question. Well, unless you happen to be 876 it doesn’t mean a whole lot, so for everyone else, you can read on in envy of the planned activities. However, since there are only 9 Adelaide noders registered, having 2 of them (myself and 876) at a BBQ means almost 1/4 of the Adelaide noders are gonna be there. Therefore I’ve decided to rename my mates BBQ. It will now be known as:


Who be in:

Who be too scared to come:

Possible Activities

Food: As I said earlier, a nice big BBQ with plenty of chops, snags and hamburgers. A variety of salads as well as potato chips if the munchies strike. A McDonalds down the street.

Drinks: BYO alcohol, some coke. 2 bottle shops within 5 minutes each way.

Music: Whatever the host listens to, plus possibly a selection of my best metal mp3s.

Other: There will be a few non noders there, we can make fun of them for being less...uhhhh...noder...ish than ourselves.

As stated before this is, sadly, not a proper Adelaide noder gathering, however, if any other noders plan to be in the Para Hills area of Adelaide (that’s out north), /msg me or email me and ill give you the address. Ill bring out a beer and some food and say hello. =).

P.S. This is obviously not an actual gathering, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it in the daylogs, just one day before the event. However, as I said, any noder from anywhere who may be in the area is welcome to drop me a line and get the address so you can come round.

Note to self: Must remember to try organise a proper gathering of Adelaide noders...after the winter is over...and write a node with a similarly big, striking title.