from The Fantastic Story of Din Java by Astor Lendel.

The Naran tribe was the precursor to the Din Java civilization.

The tribe originated from the island-continent of Stokolm - where their first known settlement was at Wundela-Cy (eventually the capital of the Javan Empire). The tribe was quick to develop sophisticated agricultural technology, which thus allowed for specialization and development of culture(along typical development...) - the first to do so. In fact, the sophistication of neighboring tribes was only because of the Naran's superiority. However, the Narans were arrogant, and their dealing with neighboring tribes would lead to the Twelve Tribes War, which lasted for 15 years and, although killing a large proportion of the population, would prove a watershed for the tribe, who now had an empire.

The Narans would soon come to dominate all of Stokolm. the war and geography were the two main reasons. Wundela-Cy was along the most navigable of Stokolm's rivers and even traveled the length of the island-continent. Also, the Narans, in addition to the area surrounding Wundela, also founded a colony on the Bay of Carrol - the best harbor in Stokolm, and the town of Carrolton. This not only played strategic importance, but also led to the development of boat technology, and a great starting-off point to explore area beyond Stokolm (from the top of Bandel's Peak near the Bay of Carrol, one can just see the shore of Assoa).

The Narans had a unique way of organizing themselves. The tribe was lead by a Chief, who was elected by the tribe, but answered to a High Council. The High Council made most high-level decisions, though usually following the lead of the Chief. The High Council and the Chief were held in check by the Anti-Council, which had the power to dissolve the tribal government, and the Grand Council, or the entire body of the tribe, which could overturn any ruling of the High Council through a system of forums throughout the land. This system of governance was modified for use in the eventual Javan Empire.