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The Watch:

  • Commander Sir Samuel Vimes - Recently married to Lady Sybil Ramkin, Sam is the Commander of the Watch and a true policeman who can feel the road through his boots.
  • Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson - Rightful heir to the throne of Ankh-Morpork, Carrot was raised by dwarves. Romantically involved with Lance-Constable Angua.
  • Corporal Nobby Nobbs (C.W. St. John Nobbs) - Technically human. Spends most his time "patrolling" bars.
  • Sergeant (Once acting-captain) Fred Colon - An officer of the old school, sgt. Colon prefers to "stand and watch and sort out what's left once it's over".
  • Lance-Constable Angua (Delphine von Uberwald) - A werewolf from Uberwald. Romantically involved with Captain Carrot.
  • Sergeant Detritus - A handy troll with an arquebus, Detritus prefers a direct approach to questioning. 'It was you what done it, so own up.'
  • Corporal Cheery Littlebottom - Dwarven forensics officer, recently out of the closet as a female.
  • Corporal Visit.
  • Dorfl - A golem with free will.
  • Reg Shoe - Keeping up with tolerance of the different, Reg is the Watch's zombie. Before joining the Watch, he was leader of the Fresh Start Club.
  • Buggy Swires - Ferocious small person (no, really small), Buggy is head of the Flying Squad of the watch, usually found riding his favorite turkey buzzard.





  • Esk - A girl who wants to become a wizard.
  • King Verence of Lancre - Married to the Queen (duh).
  • Greebo - Nanny's infamous cat.
  • Jason Ogg - One of Nanny's many children.
  • Shawn Ogg - Ditto.
  • Hodgesaaargh - A keeper of birds of prey. Named so because that is how he usually introduces himself.
  • Diamanda





Other places:

Anthropomorphic Personifications:


  • The Creator - Generally believed to have created the Discworld because he was tired of more "normal" universes.
  • Great A'Tuin - The world turtle, on whose back stands four enormous elephants. On top of the elephants are the Discworld, as a giant geological pizza (but without the anchovies).
  • Om - The Great God Om
  • Offler - The Crocodile God.
  • The Lady - Never called by her real name, as this is thought to make her go away...
  • Blind Io
  • Petulia - Goddess of Negotiable Affection.
  • Zephyrus - The god of slight breezes.
  • Hoki
  • Herne the Hunted - The terrified and apprehensive deity of all small furry creatures.
  • Anoia - Minor goddess of Things That Stick In Drawers.

Miscellaneous characters: