I think the primary injustice that is done to Modern Physics and Physicists is done by people who refuse to make an effort to understand Physics. I feel that the very act of viewing Physics with awe, and converting Science to a kind of religion undermines its very philosophy.
Science is based on rationality, the very idea behind science is that of asking questions. Thus when people look at a statement made by a Physicist and repeat it as though it were some kind of divine truth, a great crime is committed. Religion is often based on what some person says. You are not supposed to question this person's authority. That is not what science is based on. The very point of science is that no one is infallible, and that you must try not to accept things on authority. I dont know whether I'm getting this across but I'm sure that every student of physics has at one time or the other heard someone saying with an aura of great reverence-"Do you know so and so great scientist says this...".

A second injustice that is done to Physicists ,as people, is to treat them as if they were different. There is this steorotype of a physicist as an Absent Minded Professor quite unromantic, always thinking of esoteric matters and quie unconcerned with the world. Lot of people even become like this because of this steoreotypical image that society has.

Science is an important part of our culture today, and I believe that by outcasting scientists we do them the greatest possible injustice. Thus it is important to remove this aura that modern physics has, and accept physicists as normal people-and probably the only way that this can be done is through greater scientific education.

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