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Plans for Saturday night's dinner are proceeding apace. User swankivy has pointed me to "a node where there are Pagan recipes" and says that "many of the recipes under Samhain would be good additions to a Halloween meal!" There are lots of good ideas here, thanks so much for the tip!!

I decided to be magnanimous (I had to look that up) and invite Nicola to the party, I've forgiven her for being in the dream. Artie didn't react strangely when I suggested it so I guess my subconscious was making stuff up. (Still...we'll see what happens over dinner.)

jessicapierce says "Dude. Do you realize you've written, like, six daylogs about dishes?" Well, it's true. On the other hand I see no problem with that. Lots of people (including editors) write about their kids, or their cats, or their kids' cats. Whatever interests them. What interests me is my crystal.

You'd be interested too, if you could see it. Especially now, with it all set up in the china hutch. I put the Amaretto into the decanter, and it looks gorgeous. Plus, the goblets seem to really focus the light. It's almost magical. I actually had poor Artie move the hutch so that the light fell more squarely on the crystal. In the late afternoon it seems like the light reflects through the goblets, With a little tinkering I got them lined up so that they catch the pot lights' light and bounce it between them, and onto the decanter. It's wild. I can sit and look at it for hours, I wish I could show you a picture but it doesn't come out on the digital camera.

It's funny, even though I stoppered the decanter tightly, the whole hutch smells really strongly of almonds from the Amaretto. There doesn't seem to be a leak or crack anywhere.

Time to print out some of those recipes and see what's good for dinner.