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A bad day all around, it seems.

While no one bit me (see above), I had a real roaring fight with Art today. We were already mad at each other before he found the UPS waybill on the dining room table while I was clearing out a space in the china cabinet for my new crystal. He totally freaked out over how much I paid for the goblets, to which I said 'You waste money on sports tickets and greens fees and video games so why can't I have this?' and it got worse from there. At one point he slammed one of the new goblets onto the sideboard with so much force that it marked the wood. Thankfully the crystal wasn't cracked or even harmed, it seems that it is unusually solid.

Finally Art grabbed his coat and stormed out of the house. I looked out the window to see where he went, and he went right past Nicola's house without looking in and up the street. He's probably at the local pub watching football. Which suits both of us fine, I suppose.

Since I have the house all to myself I've decided to rearrange the entire hutch, put the Limoges tea service away for now and show off my new crystal. I got out the original three goblets and the decanter and arranged them in the middle of the hutch. Since the decanter has five sides and there are five goblets, I've arranged them in a star pattern with the decanter in the center. It looks amazing like that. I think now that I must have a complete serving set, it seems like it wouldn't make sense for there to be six. But the decanter looks strangely empty. I should get something to put in it, for display purposes of course. The flyer from the liquor store shows a lovely amber-colored amaretto cream, I think it would show perfectly in the decanter.

(Later) Art's still not home. I guess he decided to watch the World Series game too. Funny, after the dream last night (Dream Log: October 24, 2004)I want to go to Nicola's house to make sure he's not there. That'd be silly and paranoid.

I wish he'd call.