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Last week (Dream Log: October 13, 2004) I wrote a node about some recurring nightmares that I have. It wasn't all that well received but I felt better afterward, and I haven't had those dreams since I wrote about them. "That's a good thing" as MS would say.

I did have one new dream that's kind of related and yet it is a new one. Not worth a new dream log I guess. I'm a prisoner (again) of some grungy bearded warlord, nasty like a Blackadder character instead of all heroic like Braveheart or something. But unlike the other dream it's obvious that they're going to hurt me, the warlord guy hates me and fears me all at once. He orders me to drawing and quartering. The Hanged, drawn and quartered node says this didn't happen to women, but it does to me, and there's no hanging first. I felt the ropes burning my wrists and ankles and then the tension in the ropes and then I woke up with a start. I kicked Artie a good one and gave him a severe charlie horse, he was pretty pissed.

I talked about this with the therapist, who says I need to try lucid dreaming. Turns out that here on E2 is a lot of stuff about it, which is likely mostly bullshit, but maybe some of it can help.

Speaking (or writing) of bullshit, do you remember I wrote about some lead crystal goblets I won on eBay? Well, they came today, via UPS. These bastards not only charge an outrageous fee to fly my stuff air from South Africa, then there's a "Fuel Surcharge", but then there's a brokerage fee which is almost as much as I paid for the item, and THEN there's TAX on the FEE. What kind of BULLSHIT is that??? What's the UPS slogan? "It's Brown" or something. IT'S BROWN ALL RIGHT!!

At least the goblets arrived intact. So I'm going to post my vendor feedback on eBay and then go to bed and try some of the lucid dreaming tips. See if that helps, or if I can at least control the dream a bit to see what it's all about.