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My motto is not to have a motto
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Giant earthworm that spits larva and can swell up to the size of a pumpkin while eating doorknobs and dancing the dance of life with Lois Griffin. Lived on the moon for a while before moving to New Jersey where I meet my life partner before eating her for breakfast with her folks coming around the mountain,

After Jersey I kinda drifted from country to country staying at five star resorts and rubbish tips. It was at one of rubbish tips I found the one true God. God came to me in a vision, after I ate some old cheese that I found rotting next to some discarded medical supplies marked poisonous. In this vision God told me I must find a man with two heads In the Outback of Australia. This man will be selling green oranges and will be able to tell me the meaning of life.

So After years of searching I finally found the two headed man and I asked him what the meaning of life was this is what he said, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay i work all knight and i sleep all day". Once I hard this I Knew what my calling was, it was pissing of other people by writing absolute crap in Bio.

Thank You and have a great Apocalypse.