Jean-Louis Gassee has been called the most quotable man in Silicon Valley- some of the larger Be sites keep a copy of a file labelled "The Quotable JLG"- it's worth a read, if only because he makes fun of Apple, Microsoft, and himself. Here's an example:

Bill Gates: Since 1984, a contest has been held on usenet for the most unreable, creative, bizzare, but working C program.
What is the name of this contest?

Moderator: Contest held on usenet for the most bizzare C program, but one that works. Anybody want to give it a shot? Going Once, going twice. Got nothing to loose, give it a shot here somebody? (Ring) Alright, Jean-Louis Gassee...

Jean-Louis: Windows.

Roar of Applause from audience

- Computer Bowl, 1993