An Eidos-financed game development company. Ion Storm has released three games so far, and at least one more is in the works. Ion Storm is based in Dallas, but has a branch office in Austin. Ion Storm Dallas was responsible for Dominion: Storm Over Gift 9 and Daikatana, both of which were pretty much universally regarded as poor games. Ion Storm Austin was responsible for Deus Ex, one of the better games of the year.

Ion has had a stormy history (yeah, OK, it was a bad joke), involving massive employee walkouts, missed release dates, and financial problems. Some of this was the subject of a Dallas Observer article a few years back.

Some of the employees who quit left to found Third Law, some others went to Looking Glass, and still more went to id Software.

Ion got a lot of press early in their existence due to their massive influx of cash and the extravagent penthouse suite in a Dallas office building. The official motto of Ion Storm is "Design is Law".

Ion Storm has been the butt of more than half the jokes in the gaming industry, but Deus Ex has started to alleviate some of that.